Peter Gadol


Silver Lake has been nominated for a 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Fiction.

Peter Gadol's new novel has been published by 
Tyrus Books (ordering info).


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"In his trademark crystalline prose, reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith, Gadol vividly illustrates the universal themes of the stranger who comes to town, the quest for redemption, and the entanglement of deception."


"Silver Lake is compulsively readable, a novel that combines all the suspense of a psychological thriller with beautifully observed details of contemporary domestic life in Los Angeles. Peter Gadol captures the anxiety of living in a city where “the good life” – figs in the backyard, tennis in the afternoon – can at any moment be destroyed by a carjacking, a troubled stranger, a project that doesn’t come through. This is a haunting book full of both beauty and dread."

-Sarah Shun-lien Bynum | author of Ms. Hempel Chronicles

"Peter Gadol has written an astonishing book that poses essential questions about love, loyalty, and betrayal. Part mystery, part psychological drama, and gorgeously written, SILVER LAKE illuminates the darkest corners of the heart."

-Cristina Garcia | author of Handbook to Luck

Two architects, two men turning forty who have been involved professionally and personally for twenty years, are beginning to see their practice and their marriage falter. One Fall day, a peculiar young man drifts into their storefront office claiming he has car trouble, asking to use the phone. The men get to talking; the young stranger is curious but enchanting, and one of the architects ends up playing tennis with him that afternoon, ultimately inviting him home for dinner. The ensuing evening involves a lot of wine and banter and then increasingly dark conversation, and when the stranger has had too much to drink, the two men insist he sleep in their guest room. During the night, the stranger commits an act of violence which shatters the architects' ordered lives, each man in his own way over the days and months that follow coping with blossoming doubt and corrosive secrets.